Why Study Art in Miami?

Adults need to connect with others, develop satisfying relationships, and through the arts in a social setting such as a visual arts class, a special bond can develop. They are people who are doing and creating together, not necessarily all doing the same thing, but all involved in the communal activity of doing something new. Not only is it new to viewers, but it's also even new, casual, and often surprising to creators.

This includes the blending and vision of color, shape, value, line, pattern, texture, detail, and more, and in such diverse combinations and displays.
The distance between being able to create and does not depend on what learning is desired, the instructor's ability to transfer knowledge about ways of working in the visual arts, exposure to the art of others, a vision of the world around us, and a refinement of skills that can certainly be taught and most importantly, that can be learned.

Yes, there are artists recognized as geniuses, but they also had to start somewhere with a first painting. Skill in art is based on skill and time and "doing."

One way to enjoy art is in the enjoyment inherent in making art, in the process of creating art. There is, of course, even greater enjoyment in looking at and analyzing the creative expression of other artists, viewing it as a tape of visual history, and a connection to the study of cultures.

It allows the brain to sing and dance, spin around in joyous abandon and release the dominance of property that adulthood can impose. It fuels the imagination and encourages it to soar to unsuspected and enchanting limits. It has even been held responsible for leading to a career as advanced as a rhinoplasty doctor in Miami.

Isn't art a wonderful way to communicate?

It offers an opportunity for multicultural communities to interact, for those who do not have verbal language for whatever reason, a way to express happiness and sadness.

It allows ways to access new forces and new skills and seek enrichment of the soul because there is never an end to the ways of working in the visual arts, there is no end to the learning that can be transmitted, other ways of seeing the same thing, endless search and longing and future and fulfillment. How beautiful is that? There is no end because the visual arts are always the beginning.